About Dice Tree Games & Boardpia

Dice Tree Games is the logo and name for games published by Boardpia. Co., Ltd. Boardpia has been distributing games in Korea since 2007. Various games imported from global regions including Germany, the United States of America, and Canada are the main products. Along with distributing imported games, the company also publishes localized games such as Through the Ages and Robinson Crusoe.

As Korea is one of the countries with the best Internet infrastructure and most products can be delivered by a day throughout the nation, Boardpia uses an online mall as the main hub to serve general consumers and school teachers who use board games as teaching materials.
The company also has a brick and mortar shop located in Seoul. The offline shop not only sells products but also provides room for board game lovers to gather around and enjoy. Many board game clubs are using the shop as their gathering place.

If you are interested in purchasing games in Korea, visit www.boardpia.co.kr . Please note that the site is only in Korean.
For international inquiries concerning Boardpia or Dice Tree Games, please leave a message at our Contact page

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