Throught the Ages - Korean Edition

Through the Ages is a civilization building game. Each player attempts to build the best civilization through careful resource management, discovering new technologies, electing the right leaders, building wonders and maintaining a strong military. The game takes place throughout the ages beginning in the age of antiquity and ending in the modern age. Victory is achieved by the player whose nation has the most culture at the end of the modern age.

All contents of the game including 400 cards and a 20 page-rulebook are localized in Korean to solely serve the Korean customers.
Original expansion cards are included in this edition: 4 great Korean leader cards and 4 Korean culture wonder cards.

Korean Edition Original Cards

Leader Age A :
Gwanggaeto the Great (374 - 413, King of Goguryeo)

You gain 1 military action.
It costs you 1 less science point to develop a cavalry technology card.
It costs you 1 less resource for building cavalry units.
Wonder Age A :
Seokguram (hermitage and part of the Bulguksa temple complex)

You gain 1 culture point and 1 science point per turn, +1 happy face.
Leader Age I :
Sejong the Great (1397 - 1450, fourth king of Joseon)

Add +1 happy face for each farm you have. Corruption does not apply to you.
Wonder Age I :
Hangul (native alphabet of the Korean language)

You gain 2 yellow tokens.
You gain 1 science point per turn.
Leader Age II : Yi Sun-sin (1545 - 1598, naval commander)

You gain 2 military actions.
Every time there is an aggression or war waged against you, ignore the tactic bonus of one army of the opponent.
Wonder Age II : Dongui Bogam (Korean book compiled by the royal physician)

You gain 2 culture points per turn.
At the end of Ages, you do not lose 2 yellow tokens.
Once during the game, you may avoid the effect of one event.
(This ability applies only to you and will not affect other players. If you use this ability to events such as "the two weakest civilizations", the effect will not apply to the next weakest player.)
Leader Age III :
Kim Gu (1876 - 1949, nationalist politician and independence fighter)

You gain twice the amount of culture points for playing an event during your political phase.
Once during the game, you can destroy one of your rival's urban buildings, production buildings, or military units during your civil and military action phase. (The yellow token in the building destroyed is sent back to your rival's unused worker pool. It does not permanently decrease your rival's population.)
Wonder Age III :
K-POP (musical genre originating in South Korea)

You immediately gain 1 culture point per level of each of your arenas.
You also gain 2 culture points per happy face (max. 16).

Korean rules (PDF, 9.2M)

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